Start Your Career in Caregiving with the Help of Our Nanny School




Tuition & Financial Aid


Your education is an investment that can repay you many times over in the years to come. Our Financial Aid Team will help you achieve your career goals.


AMERICAN NANNY AND PARENTING INSTITUTE realizes that the average prospective student does not have the financial means to simply "pay for it" when it comes to the educational expenses involved with professional career training. AMERICAN NANNY AND PARENTING INSTITUTE desire is to assist each student reach his or her career goals by helping them overcome the financial obstacles that they may face along the way. With this in mind, ANPI makes available a number of financing options that can make the training affordable to practically anyone! At the American Nanny and Parenting Institute, we understand the fear that you won’t be able to afford your Early Childhood Education

To help, we offer, at no additional cost, individualized assistance in developing a financial plan that works for you.  Our experience is that almost everyone who wants to attend the American Nanny and Parenting Institute can afford it. 

Good estimates of costs for residence facilities, books, supplies, and uniforms are included in each financial plan.

There are several types of financial aid programs available for those who qualify:

-  Installment Payment Plans

-  Scholarships

-  New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents may qualify for no cost training through their local Department of Labor (one stop office)

 To learn more about our financial planning services, schedule a time to come visit us soon regarding eligibility

We work closely with Federal and State agencies such as:

  • NJ Workforce Investment Act, Contact your local one stop career center in your county (Click for listings)
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development